function templates

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The features of the prime::namespace function templates:

  • Easy. The function template accepts all reasonable data types. For large numbers the easy to use c++ class interface of the gmplib is used.
  • Fast. Multithreading is implemented and for integrals up to a size of 32 bits you can enjoy an optimized algorithm that provides extremely fast results.
  • Safe. Latest c++ features are used to solve the problem of ambiguity during overload resolution. You will always get a correct return value, no matter what data type and value you call the function with: If it compiles, it works!
  • Free. This software is published under the GNU General Public Licence version 3.
  • Extensively documented. The manual provides detailed information about the algorithms used, number theoretical considerations, measurements and a few remarks that could be of value as well for learners as for advanced programmers.

Visit the project page to download and see a comprehensive documentation.

Have fun!